About The Maya & The Moor


In this tale of adventure a Yucatec Maya named Cauac and a young artist named Ja’far follow their destinies.  Cauac follows the way of the quetzal to navigate dark waters through a labyrinthine underworld to play a death defying game known as Pok-A-Tok. Undaunted by its unusual outcome, he seeks Truth in an era of corruption and decay, only to find himself an unlikely leader of The People, “One of the Sun.”  

The budding artist Ja’far sails on a unique ship of knowledge and makes contact with the “New World” before Columbus.  With him you will meet many colorful characters, among them, Duarte, an enigmatic cabin boy of mysterious beginnings.

In separate stories, follow the exploits of these two resourceful individuals as they are drawn together from opposite sides of the “Ocean Sea”.  Discern friend from foe, fact from fiction, in a variety of spellbinding circumstances.

Meet Anani, the captivating “walker of waves,” and her father Tono, the perceptive Taino cacique on the island paradise of Boriken, and with the help of Seven Claw Jaguar see how Cauac outwits brutal Lizard Tooth and the conniving Spine Flower.  

Take heart in both Cauac and Ja’far’s will to survive as they endure the power of mighty Juracán and embrace the profound legacy of a Maya necklace.